Eta Progetti is an EPC that realizes technological plants of different nature, offering its customers the opportunity to have a single partner for the construction of plants of all types and disciplines

The technological areas in which Eta Progetti operates with consolidated experience are:

Civil works

  • Movable walls, false ceilings, interior finishes for pharmaceutical classified environments and laboratories
  • Works in support to the technological centers (technical rooms, basements, shafts, etc.)
  • Civil and industrial sewage systems (white, black and chemical water)
  • Civil works with fire protection and prevention requirements
  • Metal structures for equipment and piping support

HVAC systems

  • Classified premises
  • Dispensing areas
  • QC, chemical and biological laboratories
  • GMP/FDA compliant chemical-pharmaceutical production environments
  • Climatic chambers
  • Counter-sample archives
  • Raw materials and finished products warehouses

Mechanical systems - Industrial utilities

  • Production and distribution of medium and low pressure industrial steam
  • Production and distribution of demineralized water for boilers feeding
  • Production and distribution of industrial and fire-fighting water
  • Production and distribution of superheated water and diathermic oil
  • Production and distribution of chilled water, glycol water, brines
  • Production and distribution of industrial compressed air, industrial vacuum
  • Storage and distribution of liquid and gaseous fuels, chemicals

Pharmaceutical utilities

  • Production and distribution of drinking, deionized, osmotic, purified, distilled water
  • Storage, distribution and recovery of organic solvents for primary and secondary manufacturing processes
  • Storage and distribution of high purity technical gases (nitrogen, oxygen, etc.)
  • Production and distribution of compressed air (oil free, dried, sterile)
  • Vacuum production and distribution
  • Dedusting plants

Electrical and electro-instrumental systems

  • MV-LV transformer cabins
  • LV distribution cabins
  • Driving power distribution systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Electrical systems for classified areas (ATEX)
  • Earthing and lightning protection systems
  • Pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and electronic regulation systems
  • Industrial processes supervision and control systems
  • Fire detection and anti-intrusion systems
  • Automation systems and panels
  • PLC and DCS programming

healthcare, pharmaceutical, chemical-pharmaceutical, agro-pharmaceutical, energy

We provide "turn-key" solutions

Eta Progetti creates flexible solutions for every need